The products that you will see below are the result of the passion for nature and a healthy lifestyle, which all of us who are part of ALLIKAS. Industrial Safety Shoes

ALLIKAS is the footwear that those of us who are part of this company have always wanted to have.

That is why we work every day to research and design technologically advanced footwear for men and women.

Since ALLIKAS came onto the market, we have experienced a constant evolution until we have become what we are today, an increasingly technical shoe, with top quality materials.

And this evolution must be reflected in the image of the ALLIKAS brand; an image that represents our essence, a dynamic, active, vital spirit and technologically advanced footwear, capable of responding to the needs of the most demanding customers, starting with ourselves.

In recent years we have gone through several stages, all of them full of dreams. We believe in effort as the basis of all human activity, and that quality must always be present.

Our export experience has taught us a lot about fundamental aspects of our industry: comfort, design and innovation. It has also taught us to listen to the different European consumers, to observe them and try to offer them products according to their tastes and preferences. Innovation is the main basis of our development.

To this small family that we are, we are also very lucky to be able to add the great family of which all the people with whom we have the privilege of working are part: our suppliers, our agents, our clients and people like you: all lovers of nature and high-quality technical products. People excited, interested, curious and eager to reach new heights higher and higher.

Standing still is not part of our plan. We continue to innovate with new technologies and products that will help you enjoy nature. Time to keep exploring.


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